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Why Do Rock Candles Make the Best Gifts?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Picking out a gift for a loved one can be a daunting process. After hours of searching for the perfect gift, you probably end up purchasing a boring old gift card. Rock candles from Light on Mine Rock Candles are ideal gifts for any event. Here are some of the reasons these unique candles make the best gifts.

3 Reasons to Give a Rock Candle

1. Ambiance

A flickering candle creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. It turns the room into a tranquil space. By giving a rock candle as a gift, your loved ones can create this ambiance in their homes. Consider purchasing one of Light of Mine Rock Candles' multi-wick products. Each rock is hand-selected and crafted into an oil burning candle. These oil candles will burn for at about six to eight hours before they require a refill.

2. Easily Obtainable

When you order a rock candle from Light of Mine Rock Candles, the order is shipped within three days. Online  orders will be shipped free of  charge and with a tracking number so you can keep track of your candle as it makes the journey to its recipient. Of course, we don't anticipate any issues, but they do happen.

If you are unhappy with your purchase or your candle arrives broken, there is a thirty-day window to return the product. Include any pictures of the damage the candle might have sustained during its travels and we will either repair the rock candle, exchange it for a new one, or give you a refund.

3. Variety

With a Light of Mine Rock Candle, you will find the perfect gift for any person, no matter their style or personality. There is a vast array of candles to choose from. You'll have choices between:

  • Multi Wick Candles

  • Single Wick Candles

  • Gems, Crystals, & Minerals

  • Honeycomb Calcites

  • Flagstone Candles

  • Agate Candles

  • Fossil Candles

  • Petrified Wood

The candles come in beautiful colors and shapes, from rustic to formal. No matter what someone's interior looks like, a rock candle is sure to fit in.

You will also find the best lamp oil and fuel to light your candle at Light of Mine Rock Candles. Firefly Lamp Oils are affordable and clean burning fuels with no additives that are perfect to burn in your rock candles both indoors and outdoors. These candles make a unique gift for any occasion. They make the best gift ideas for Christmas, housewarming, Mother's Day/Father's Day, or as a birthday present.

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