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Lamp Oils

Light of Mine Rock Candles and Lamp Oils

Our oil burning candles are unique natural rocks enhanced with a clear sealant to bring out the colors and textures. These oil burning candles have shallow fuel bowls cemented underneath that use lamp oils. The glass fuel bowl holds up to 1/4 cup of the oil.

Note that our oil burning candles don't heat the oil. So we don't recommend them for aromatherapy. You can however, burn citronella and tiki torch fuels outside for mosquito control.  The burn time depends on the flame's height, wind, and the type of lamp oils you use. Our Firefly Fuel lamp oils burn longer and cleaner than paraffin oil. You can buy them in pure, citronella, and eucalyptus.

We also recommend Ultra-Pure Paraffin lamp oils because they don't smoke or create soot with small flames. They're also safe to use indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind that you always want to use one oil entirely before using another.

Some of our oil burning candles have multiple fuel bowls to accommodate multiple wicks. If there's more than one, fill all the bowls with lamp oils. Each of our oil burning candles includes a small funnel to make adding lamp oils easy.

We use fiberglass wicks that last indefinitely with proper care. The braided fiberglass wicks don't burn up like cotton. In other words, it's the oil that burns, not the wick. If you ever need a replacement wick, we'll mail you another at no charge.

Light of Mine Rock Candles is a family-owned business in Cypress, Texas. We handcraft unique rock candles for indoor and outdoor use. We also offer large-order discounts.

You can find Light of Mine Rock Candles at craft shows. Check out the list on our website, or buy our oil burning candles conveniently online.

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