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Rock Candles

Light of Mine Rock Candles

Are you searching for unique mood lighting? Handmade candles add ambiance beyond comparison. Light of Mine rock candles are unique pieces of art that don't burn away. We craft our rock candles from natural stone, agate geodes, honeycomb calcite, and petrified wood.

These oil burning rock candles have shallow fuel bowls cemented underneath. We also use braided fiberglass wicks. With proper care, your rock candles can last for years because fiberglass wicks don't burn up like cotton.

Light of Mine rock candles are décor, perfect on a bathroom or kitchen counter, fireplace, or table centerpiece. The natural stone base compliments a beach house or cabin. And you'll also find a style that fits seamlessly with modern décor.

Our rock candles are lovely to add ambiance and mosquito control outdoors on the patio. You can set them on a tray or in a lantern. The possibilities are endless.

Shop for rock candles online. Or catch us at a craft show, live.

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