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What are Rock Candles?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Rock candles are an excellent alternative type of candle that can be used indoors and outdoors to create a magical warm environment for your home décor. As an added bonus, they will never melt away. Also called rock oil lamps, since they use a type of lamp oil instead of wax, they are crafted to give the illusion that the flame coming from within the stone will mesmerize all who walk by it. Coming with one or more wicks, they can make lovely centerpieces with or without being lit and indeed be the talk of your dinner party.

How They are Crafted

Rock candles are truly beautiful, with their drawing being a flame that looks like it is coming from within the rock. Rock candles are constructed by drilling a hole in the center (smaller holes for venting and refilling oil) of the carefully selected rock, crystal, fossil stone, or even petrified wood. Most artisans opt for flat pieces or that at least have a flat, even bottom, as an oil reservoir is then attached to the underside of the rock. Don't worry; it goes unseen as a wick tube and wick are placed through the drilled hole, thus creating the rock candle's eternal flame illusion. Rock candles last longer than your standard wax candles, giving you endless hours of smokeless, odorless candle glow.

Home Décor Ideas

Looking for some creative ways you can use rock candles in your home? Used as functional art pieces that highlight the natural beauty of the stones, rock candles can add that special touch to your home décor that you have been searching for. Or help you create that mood you've been vying for. The following are some creative decor ideas you can make with your rock candles below.

  • Inside a lantern

  • Outside on your patio or deck

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Fireplace mantle

  • Table centerpiece

  • Vacation cabin

For The Rock and Candle Lover

Rock and candle lovers will delight in the aesthetically pleasing ambiance rock candles can give. Candle lovers will adore them, and rock lovers will collect them. Beautiful and personal, they can even be inscribed with a sweet message, making them brilliant gift ideas for any occasion.

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