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Natural Element Trending in Home Décor 2022

Back to basics and nature-inspired home décor is a trend that remains strong in 2022. The past few years, people have been reconnecting to their homes and are enjoying a warm and cozy environment. Natural elements, warm, calming color schemes, and organic materials are leading the way in everything from furniture to home accents. Our Light Of Mine candle line aligns with this trend and will fit perfectly into any home. Here are some decorating ideas shared by interior designers that you’re going to love.

Bring The Outside In: The love and desire to bring the outside in continues for the new year. Creating natural centerpieces and floral arrangements using fresh flowers and foliage from backyard gardens is growing in popularity. Filling vases and bowls with natural pebbles and creating accents from natural elements like driftwood, interesting rocks, and other organic materials is everywhere. Combining fresh and faux items inspired by nature will continue to make a statement throughout 2022.

Imperfections Are Perfectly Ok: Perfect home accents are no longer in vogue. Finding treasures in thrift and second-hand shops that include imperfections are. Older, vintage accents that have history and tell a meaningful story are trending. This is also true for brand-new shabby chic items that are designed to look imperfect. Older pieces are a nod to the past and give a one-of-a-kind character and personality to a space.

Candles Make Design Statement: Candles displayed in eye-catching holders are an important part of the overall look of a well-designed home. Both scented and unscented candles take a front seat while adding ambiance and personality to any room. Jar candles and container candles are an option, but not as dominant as they have been in past years. Candles with flames that maintain the look of the holder or accent, like our Light Of Mine product add style and charm. Candleholders, like wood trays and granite vessels that look beautiful whether the candle is burning or not and last after the candle is gone, are also trending.

Minimalist Approach To Style: Future interior design is focusing on the less is more concept. Today's homeowners are focusing on minimalist styling with fewer home accents displayed on shelves, tables, and accent furniture. One or two stand-out items, like a Light of Mine candle, displayed alongside an antique vase filled with fresh flowers is one example of this less is more look.

Mixing Earthy and Soft Lines: Modern furniture that features sculptural shapes, feminine curves, and soft lines is having a major moment. Mixing earthy textures and unexpected shaped accents creates an eclectic design style. Ambient lighting that showcases one or two areas of a space will help accomplish this trend beautifully.

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