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Natural Element Trending in Home Décor 2022

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Natural Element Trending in Home Décor 2022

Back to basics and nature-inspired home décor is a trend that remains strong in 2022. The past few years, people have been reconnecting to their homes and are enjoying a warm and cozy environment. Natural elements, warm, calming color schemes and organic materials are leading the way in everything from furniture to home accents. Our Light Of Mine candle line aligns with this trend and will fit perfectly into any home. Here are some decorating ideas shared by interior designers that you’re going to love.

Bring The Outdoors In: The love and desire to bring the outside in continues in 2022. Creating natural centerpieces and floral arrangements using fresh flowers and foliage from backyard gardens. Filling vases and bowls with natural pebbles and creating accents from natural elements like driftwood and other organic materials are popular. Combining fresh and faux items inspired by nature will make a statement throughout the entire year.

Imperfections Are Perfectly Ok: Perfectly shaped home accents are no longer in vogue. Finding treasures in vintage and second-hand shops that are worn and include imperfections is hitting the home décor scene. Home accents that have history and can tell a story are popular, as well as new items that are designed to look imperfect have our designers ok.

Candles Make Decor Statement: Candles displayed in eye-catching holders are an important part of the overall look of every room in your home. Both scented and unscented take a front seat while adding ambiance and personality to any space. Jar candles are an option, but not as dominant as the past. Candles with flames that maintain the look of the accent like our product line are growing in popularity.

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